“Thousands of WordPress websites are being used to carry out a huge cyber attack”

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Cyber Crime, Cyber Security, Geo IP Filtering, Network Attacks, Network Security, PacketViper
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I read a disturbing alert/article which claimed that

“Thousands of WordPress websites are being used to carry out a huge cyber attack campaign in the form of a distributed denial of service [DDoS] attack.

The Hacker News reports that hackers have targeted “a large number” of sites on the WordPress platform after successfully compromising some 90,000 servers way back in April 2012 and in the process have created a WordPress botnet.

Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2013/09/27/hackers-launch-huge-ddos-attack-using-wordpress-websites/#ixzz2g7QmIaMQ”

This is obviously concerning to many folks, and our customers.  What we decided to do is create a Global Network List (tm) for our customers which will contain all AUTOMATTIC Inc (WordPress) IP addresses, just over 60,000. Customers will be able to now set triggers to alert, restrict, rate limit, and or block based exclusively on AUTOMATIC Inc networks.

Obviously we do not feel WordPress, their affiliates, or AUTOMATTIC Inc is a bad entity, rather a quality provider of online services to the public. This is simply a stop gap measure for our customers to limit any DDOS potential for compromised systems within, should they need to.

Let me explain what PacketViper Global Network Lists are.  PacketViper aside from per port Geo IP filtering includes our patent pending Global Network Lists.  Our Global Network Lists are a collection of global business (i.e Microsoft, eBay, Amazon, Automattic Inc), collocation providers (i.e. Softlayer, Expedient, Ubiquity), high risk networks (i.e. malware, botnet, C&C), and many other varieties of industries.  Customers can quickly choose to allow or deny any of the thousands of industries based on their value to their business. This gives more granularity to the customer, on top of the per port Geo IP filtering.

For Instance: if a customer is filtering many geo-locations, and wants to insure Microsoft networks like email servers, or some application widgets can always reach the customers network.  They would simply place a check mark next to Microsoft, enter the ports needed to communicate with Microsoft, click on save, and they are done.

Global Network List Screen Shot




By Francesco Trama

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